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We may be awful...but we're right!

A gay guy and his fat friend talking about everything! We've got over 30 years of stories to share about stuff we love, stuff that annoys us, people we've known, places we've been, and things we've seen. Geeky, silly, and always opinionated. NAMES ARE CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY!

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Feb 4, 2017

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Nov 11, 2016

What a week, huh? We swear it's a coincidence that we're putting up a podcast about being happy during a week when a lot of us are so miserable. But Amelia DID change her mind about calling this episode "Get Happy, Stupid!" so we all won, in a way.

Some people are just determined to be DOWN all the time, you know?...

Oct 17, 2016

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Oct 16, 2016

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Oct 7, 2016

We're a little all over the place this week with bits of silliness and seriousness. Trusting your gut. Bathing in a public hot tub. Mister Diskette and his quest to see Xena's boob. Listener email! And another tale of the Worst Person in the World.

And Ted Nugent sucks! I mean, that's just TRUE.

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