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We may be awful...but we're right!

A gay guy and his fat friend talking about everything! We've got over 30 years of stories to share about stuff we love, stuff that annoys us, people we've known, places we've been, and things we've seen. Geeky, silly, and always opinionated. NAMES ARE CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY!

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Jan 27, 2023

Everyone else is talking about Prince Harry's frostbitten junk, why not us?  


Pitney has a new obsession in Harry and Meghan, and we gleefully trash the monarchy while we talk about the awesome couple. Amelia shares a terrific Netflix documentary, Stutz, made by Jonah Hill. It’s all about a therapist's methods and...

Sep 9, 2022

One of our weirdest episode titles, but we swear it’ll make sense within minutes. Pitney shares some self-soothing techniques. Dealing with mental health challenges with actions, medications, therapy, and laughter. And the patron saint of mental illness.  


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Aug 27, 2021

Sometimes the best self-care is not beating yourself up for not doing enough self-care. Don’t compare yourself to people who seem to have nothing else to do but meditate and eat clean, because that’s total crap. And then Pitney and Amelia compare dreams, and Amelia loses.


White Woman's Instagram by Bo Burnham: 

May 20, 2021

Hey! It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! Regular listeners are quite aware of our mental health or lack thereof, but we haven’t done an episode about it in a while, so here we are, talkin’ about it. We’re talking medication, masculinity, and making an effort to look out for ourselves. No shame here!

If you're...

Feb 14, 2020

Emotional abuse. How to spot it and how to deal with it. Setting boundaries to protect yourself. Amelia has had a rough time in recent months, and she's telling you how she put a stop to being used and abused. She also talks about metta, the Buddhist practice of loving kindness and compassion, and how it's kept her...