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We may be awful...but we're right!

A gay guy and his fat friend talking about everything! We've got over 30 years of stories to share about stuff we love, stuff that annoys us, people we've known, places we've been, and things we've seen. Geeky, silly, and always opinionated. NAMES ARE CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY!

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Aug 27, 2020

First off, we are SO SORRY about the weird sound issues in this one. It's been insanely hot in California and Pitney's mom's house had NO AC so there was a fan on full blast and we didn't realize the sound was picked up until it was too late!


Beware when Facebook ads suddenly offer you everything you’ve ever wanted,...

Aug 14, 2020

This week we're talking tarot! Learn how tarot can be a useful tool, even for non-believers like Amelia. Learn about the structure of the tarot deck (major and minor arcana, suits, court cards), and how card meanings work based on their position and the intuition of the reader. Also, we discuss weird public perceptions...