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We may be awful...but we're right!

A gay guy and his fat friend talking about everything! We've got over 30 years of stories to share about stuff we love, stuff that annoys us, people we've known, places we've been, and things we've seen. Geeky, silly, and always opinionated. NAMES ARE CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY!

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Jun 29, 2023

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Feb 11, 2022

Amelia cuts loose on what it’s like to be a fat chick, especially what it is to exist in a world that tells you at every turn that the worst thing imaginable for most people is that they could look like you. If you’re a fat person, you get it. If you’re not, you’ll learn stuff.


It’s also February, which...

Sep 10, 2021

A couple stories we couldn’t handle at all. One is from Dan Savage’s "Savage Love" column, and the other from "Am I The Asshole?" on Reddit. Then there’s a bit of talk about perception of skinny vs fat, and the joys of smoking. And in this week’s self care segment, the benefits of a good cry.


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Jul 2, 2021

Shopping at Torrid. Amelia's big anniversary this year. Memories of WesterCon 1996 in El Paso. The right way to poop. Indecency with an Elmo doll. And THEN things get weird.


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Apr 23, 2021

Has the world become so sensitive that it’s necessary to apologize to imaginary people who haven’t yet gotten upset? Do we no longer assume that people aren’t out to offend us? Are some people so focused on themselves they can’t stand that everything isn’t about them? We have opinions.

And in today’s...